Audio interview of Ms Morrison giving sound financial advice on controlling spending so our income exceeds our spending. Ms. Morrison cautions about fretting over what can’t be controlled. She recalls the Stanford University Marshmallow study with toddlers, and also relayed how these toddlers progressed into adulthood.

Sufficiently motivated toddlers grew into successful adults, and toddlers who succumbed to instant gratification, progressed to less-than-successful adults. Ms. Morrison advocates saving, and particularly automatic savings, as in retirement plans. We wouldn’t walk past a quarter or a dollar, lying on the sidewalk. No, we’d stoop over and pick it up, yet how many of us forego our employers 401(k) match, for example?

She challenges us to plan ahead, like bears and squirrels do, for each winter. Gather nuts while they don’t need them, so they’ll have food later. It’s much the same challenge for us as savers; save now, so you will have Income in Retirement.